Many sources predict the size of the digital universe will, at a minimum, double every two years, a 50-fold growth from 2010 to 2020. Concerns about data are escalating in the Internet of Things (IoT) age as growth exceeds the capacity of traditional computing. The Economist stated that data are to this century what oil was to the last one: a driver of growth and change. It enables economic power and value but only if its clean. Corrupt, poor quality data costs US businesses $600 billion annually. Our DBAs are well versed in managing structured and unstructured data, big or small, to minimize storage costs and maximize value.

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Data Integrity

The maintenance, accuracy and consistency of data over its life-cycle is critical to any system. Simply put, good DBAs ensure that data retrieved is the same as it was when it was originally recorded. That is their primary goal. Our DBAs take this responsibility seriously as some of the best in the business.

Installation, Configuration, Upgrade, and Migration

Database installation is typically up to the DBA and requires knowledge of hardware requirements. We’ll analyze various product options and configure them as part of deployment. We also keep an eye out for new releases and patches and proactively install them as necessary. For new servers, we’ll move the data from the old server in a secure and efficient manner so you can remain confident that your information is available when you need it.

Backup and Recovery

DBAs develop, implement, and periodically test a backup and recovery plan. We analyze the cost of various backup methods and share the tradeoffs of each so your plan is tailored to your needs. When a failure occurs we use your backups to quickly bring the database back into operation without the loss of any committed transactions.

Database Security

Centralized data storage is an attractive target for hackers, inside and outside the company. Our DBAs understand database security models and how to effectively use it to control access. We’ll establish proper authentication, authorization and auditing processes and procedures to ensure compliance with SOX and HIPAA regulations.

Storage and Capacity Planning

Proactively planning and monitoring disk storage requirements are key DBA responsibilities. Our DBAs match growth trends against available disk to proactively advise on long-term capacity plans, protecting you against costly surprises.

Performance Monitoring and Tuning

We monitor the database server to identify and address degraded performance. We’ll tune the database and work with the admin if the server hardware and OS are not optimized. Analyzing indexes and active connections provides insight into potential performance issues. We work closely with development teams on best practices and design performance into applications from the beginning.

A Partner You Can Trust

SpinnerTech uses state-of-the-art technology that exceeds industry security standards. Our practices and technology are certified and maintained by these leading security organizations to ensure your business is safeguarded.

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