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Never suffer from unpredictable on-premise server performance and limited support again. With cloud services, your business is free from the restraints of physical servers and can enjoy superior performance, security and control management. Seamlessly integrate our cloud services into your business with the configuration, scalability and price that's right for you. Get started and take advantage of cloud services today.

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Why Choose Cloud Services?

We help you to become cloud confident by addressing your concerns about security, compliance, loss of control, complexity, cost, lack of expertise, and immature technology. We're there to help you every step of the way.

Virtual machines can be provisioned in minutes

Server capacity added at any time at minimal cost

No Long-Term Contract For Capacity Required

Private Cloud

Private cloud computing is a proprietary architecture dedicated to your organization with similar advantages to public cloud, including scalability and self-service. It accommodates the enterprise’s dynamic computing needs, addressing concerns related to public cloud installations such as scaling mission-critical workloads, security, uptime requirements, and management demands. This is especially relevant to big data implementations where the creation of multiple machines is necessary for complex computing jobs. We’ll help to ensure that you have all the resources necessary to meet your customer’s changing demands.

Hybrid Cloud

Take advantage of greater flexibility and more data deployment options while eliminating the need to make large capital expenditures to accommodate short-term spikes in demand. The advantage of such a hybrid cloud deployment is that you only pay for extra compute resources when they are needed. This is critical for cloud bursting, when an application initially running in a private cloud bursts into a public cloud to accommodate spikes in capacity. We’ll help you configure your hybrid cloud to take full advantage of the performance and scalability benefits of this service.

Amazon Web Services

We help you to become cloud confident by addressing your concerns about security, compliance, loss of control, complexity, cost, lack of expertise, and immature technology. Whether an AWS novice or expert we’ll help you navigate the dozens of diverse services to ensure you have what is needed to be successful. Whether database, analytics, developer tools, tools for the Internet of Things or all the above, our experts are ready to meet the challenge.

Microsoft Azure

Like AWS, the versatility of Microsoft’s cloud platform can be complex to navigate, even for those that are knowledgeable. Managing mobile devices and applications from the cloud, orchestrating complex, inter-related stateless or stateful code components, and securing email, documents, and sensitive data shared outside your company walls all require expert insight and direction. Enterprise application integration capabilities such as trading partner management, cloud to on-premises, and line-of-business application integration for SAP, Oracle, SQL Server, and Websphere MQ need to be configured to ensure exchange is secure and reliable. We have the knowledge and experience to assist with all these challenges and more to allow your business to scale.

A Partner You Can Trust

SpinnerTech uses state-of-the-art technology that exceeds industry security standards. Our practices and technology are certified and maintained by these leading security organizations to ensure your business is safeguarded.

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