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Fully Compliant IT Services and Solutions

Operate at peak performance 24 hours a day, seven days a week, using the latest healthcare technology and services. As a HIPAA-compliant IT services provider, we are able to safely streamline your efficiency while providing 24-hour support for whenever you need it. Using our full service, you will get immediate assistance on the use of your applications, network architecture, hosted communication services and more. Receive your customized, secure and compliant IT solution today.

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Fully Compliant Technical Installation and Support

Operate under full compliance while receiving the best customer support. We will come onsite to optimize your infrastructure and integrate technologies and services that will increase your staff productivity and build patient loyalty. With a multitude of solutions available, we will only utilize those which make absolute sense for you to provide you the very highest quality of IT services in the healthcare industry.

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The Best IT Services for Healthcare Organizations

We work with a multitude of healthcare institutions with a variety of needs. This allows us to integrate industry leading technology, products and services that are unique to your field. Many healthcare partners benefit from:

      ✓  Encrypted Patient/Doctor Communications
      ✓  HIPAA Compliant Network Security
      ✓  Secure Document & Medical Record Archiving
      ✓  Expanded Business Continuity
      ✓  Enhanced Network Architecture
      ✓  Phone Installation and Call Structuring

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A Partner You Can Trust

SpinnerTech uses state-of-the-art technology that exceeds industry security standards. Our practices and technology are certified and maintained by these leading security organizations to ensure your business is safeguarded.

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