“I just started expanding my small psychiatric practice this year, converting from a paper-based boutique practice to a fully digitized one, and am currently very close to going live with my EHR. SpinnerTech has been a dream to work with from the beginning. First of all, they were the first to respond after I made three calls to the IT firms on the DOH list. In fact, I think they were the only ones to answer the phone live. Their relationships with the main implementation agencies were solid, specific, and personal. They fulfilled promises on time and nearly to the letter, correcting small inaccuracies quickly and with no fuss. The fees were reasonable and the equipment costs were amazingly low. Their familiarity with the implementation process was obvious and reassuring. The answer to almost every request was a yes. No doubt this company will remain very busy and continue to grow. The leadership and vision of Adam Spinner, the CEO, comes through every step of the way. I am well on the way to maximizing efficiency and thoroughness in my practice, paving the way to better health outcomes for my patients.”

Francis Hayden, M.D.


Clients Include:

NYC Department of Health
Queens Village Medical Care
St. Nicholas OBGYN
SLB Medical Associates
OP Imaging
Medical Practice of Jean-Francois & Laroche, P.C
Hillside Medical Care
Wingspan Psychiatric
EZ Medical Care
Dr. Wilfrid Herard P.C.
Gramercy Pediatrics
Bright Medical Care
Metro Pest Extermination
Bridge Props and Furnture
Joseph Gunnar and Co, LLC.
Suburban Pest Control