Web Filtering

Content Filtering – WHY?

More and more businesses are faced with staff surfing websites that not only conflict with company policy, but sites that have been flagged as potentially hazardous for computers. These sites can contain malicious software that can infect your computer. Having the ability to block sites is an invaluable tool for most businesses. With that control, businesses maximize productivity, and bandwidth. SpinnerTech has a solution to give you the control you need.

Acceptable Usage Policy

SpinnerTech believes that this is typically the most important IT security policy that any business should have. An Acceptable Usage Policy addresses end-user behavior and describes what can and cannot be done with any part of the corporate IT environment. We will work with you to make sure that Acceptable Usage Policies should address the following:

  • Identify what types of websites end-users can and cannot access.
  • Outline corporate policy on the usage of personal email, instant messaging, and social networking (Hotmail, Yahoo, Gmail, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).
  • Define how and where to access and store company data on the network.
  • Describe safe-computing guidelines such as logon/logoff procedures, passwords creation, etc.

Advantages to Content Filtering

  • Recover Productive Worktime
  • Avoid Legal Liability
  • Improve Network Performance


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