Desktop Management

SpinnerTech Desktop Management Services – Affordable piece-of-mind.

Whether you need a complete update to your desktop IT infrastructure, or desktop management services for your existing infrastructure, we are your solution from the hardware down to our 24/7 LIVE support.

Every aspect of your network is monitored and issues can be spotted and fixed before they can cause any type of problem. We proactively update, back up, and manage all your computers and servers remotely. You can rest assured knowing your vital data and IT systems are safe and secure in our operational facilities.

Complete Protection, Superior Service

Your business today relies on computers and the Internet as vital tools more than ever before. However being more reliant means being more vulnerable to system issues and outside Internet threats. SpinnerTech provides a complete solution for securing, supporting and managing each desktop computer in your company.

From proactive support, monitoring and data backup, to providing complete telephone and remote support for each end-user, our focus is to ensure that your computers are operating properly & securely. New security issues such as viruses, hackers, and worms come to light every day and underline the importance of taking preventative measures.

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