Goals and Standards

Legal firms typically have many applications such as time, billing, accounting, document management, and others that need to integrate securely and efficiently. We intricately test all your applications to ensure you have efficient and secure workflow. By doing this, we are able to improve productivity and significantly reduce the support costs for your practice.

SpinnerTech has a strong history of providing IT services for law firms with superior support. We understand the unique challenges associated with industry-standard applications, the pain-points associated with document/content management, as well as the basic and advanced technology needs facing any business operating in today’s world. We have strong legal practice management partnerships as well as strategic partnerships within the legal community.


Expert Support for Industry-Standard Legal Applications

SpinnerTech’s services review every aspect of technology within your firm focusing on security, systems performance and business continuity. We will work with your team to create and enforce technology focused policies based on either internal controls or regulatory compliance.

Knowledge and real world experience working with industry-standard applications makes us a leading IT service provider and a trusted technology advisor.

Contact us today to learn more about how SpinnerTech can manage your Legal office network and IT needs: (516) 740-1000