SpinnerTech Insures your Insurance Business

As technology improves, the insurance industry evolves and benefits from new systems and methods of communicating information. SpinnerTech increases the speed and efficiency with which allow your Firm to properly analyze and assess aspects of business that affect proposed financial risk.

Applying our expertise and insight, we help our insurance industry clients — insurers, reinsurers, brokers, investors, and their counsel — with a full range of services that protect and streamline operations. We respond to critical events as well as long-term technology imperatives, providing a full range of core services.

The SpinnerTech Promise

Our focus is to identify opportunities to reduce cost and increase the value of information technology to your business. We work alongside your IT organization to help align technology with your business and to improve internal processes such as project management and software development. We also help companies make major decisions to improve enterprise architecture, support and help understand the costs and benefits of outsourcing a portion of operations. This practical alignment of business and technology helps management understand, plan and act on key IT initiatives to accelerate business results.

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