IT & EHR Support

Unrivaled IT Support

Your medical practice today relies on computers and the Internet as supremely vital tools more than ever before. This comes at a cost. Being more dependant means being more vulnerable to Information Technology issues and outside Internet threats. New security threats such as viruses, hackers, and worms surface every day and stress the importance of taking preventative measures.

With SpinnerTech, your practice can have a levy of sophisticated tools and solutions at your disposal. We provide a complete and branching IT support solution for securing, supporting and managing desktop computers, servers and your office network. From proactive support, monitoring and data backup, to providing complete telephone and remote support for each staff member, our IT Support Plans will ensure that your practice is operating properly & securely.

Desktop Guidance:

The SpinnerTech provides a complete solution for securing, supporting and managing each desktop and laptop in your practice.

Server Focus:

SpinnerTech offers a complete solution for securing and supporting your practice’s servers via remote monitoring and backup combined with remote and on-site support.

Network Instruction:

We architect your network to allow you to focus on your practice, leaving the infrastructure worries to us.

EHR Support:

SpinnerTech Specialists are certified in Today’s leading electronic medical record (EHR) and medical practice management (EPM) systems.

SpinnerTech has a team of dedicated IT Specialists that are certified in EHR technologies and take the time to realize your technology needs and your medical practice. Our specialists are hand selected from the best, most experienced engineers and are highly trained and certified in the latest EHR applications and are specialists in supporting and communicating with medical staff.

Contact us today to learn more about how SpinnerTech can manage your Medical Facilities network and IT needs: (516) 740-1000