Health Care

How can SpinnerTech Help?

Deploying electronic health records (EHR) requires much more than just hardware and software. Transitioning to a digital practice requires a high level of expertise in HIPAA and healthcare as well as network, computer and security technologies. Whether or not you already have some technical expertise on staff or not, our service plans provide the expertise you need and deliver dramatic reduction in your total cost of technology ownership.

Our solution increases revenue and supports all aspects of your computing environment, network & staff members. It’s an amazing combination of dedication and IT expertise bundled with EHR. SpinnerTech revolutionizes Healthcare IT for Medical Practices by delivering EHR as part of an entire back-office solution.


Phenomenal Services and Support

EHR Configuration

SpinnerTech Implementation of EHR Service offers medical practices a complete solution designed to help plan, manage and optimize EHR deployment to get the maximum benefit from the EHR investment. Our Implementation Services team is responsible for the training and installation of the EHR products. With such HER experience and dedication you expect from an IT group, we can respond to your needs as efficiently as possible.

IT & EHR Support

The SpinnerTech Healthcare IT Support Plan provide a expansive IT support solution for securing, supporting and managing desktop computers, servers and network. From active support, monitoring and data backup, to providing complete telephone and remote support for each staff member, we will ensure that medical practices are operating properly & efficiently.


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